The Phantom Skater

Genre(s): Drama/Comedy


A burned-out hockey scout follows rumors of a hot skating sensation called the Phantom Skater to a remote northern lake where he runs into his ex-wife who runs the only B & B in town.


Bobby Hawkins is an ex-hockey star turned hockey scout in jeopardy of losing his job unless he signs a superstar who is at least better than he was before his career ending injury.  When he hears about a mythical “Phantom Skater” who is faster than a Buick, he heads to a small town on WINDIGO LAKE to find him. 

He’s charmed by JOSEPH, a First Nations man at the bus stop, who becomes his guide and voice of reason to help him on his quest to find the mysterious skater who has been seen on the vast frozen lake.


Finding a place to stay in the small town isn’t that difficult because there’s only one place go… a local B and B, where Bobby is stunned to discover his ex-wife Diane runs the place. She hasn’t forgiven his past indiscretions and worse yet, she’s dating Ted, a hockey scout from Florida with a pompous personality.


Things get confrontational when Bobby and Ted compete to sign the next big hockey star and at the same time fight over Diane, a struggling artist who obsessively paints white and grey landscapes. Worse yet, the townsfolk and even his hockey team boss seem to conspire against Bobby until he decides he’s had enough and packs up to leave, driving across the frozen lake to the bus depot utterly defeated.


It’s then his life changes when he spots the Phantom Skater in his rearview mirror, chasing him down and passing him in the dark snow blowing weather. Bobby becomes a believer.


It takes a final confrontation with The Phantom Skater out on the lonesome and snowy lake for Bobby to become the man he once was: full of hope and passion for the life and the game. Will it be enough for him to win back his one true love? Or will Bobby disappear, frozen on a landscape of white and grey?

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