Unable to prolong their financial struggles on a police officer’s salary, four desperate officers come to a decision to rob banks. When one of the four is arrested, emotions soar, phone calls are made and poor decision end up with the murder of an entire family


In British Columbia, during the early 1960’s, four Vancouver Police Officers, who were also close friends, were robbing banks. “The Fearless Four” is a story based on true events of these four individuals, who found life on a policeman’s salary was a struggle. Through a series of events they saw an opportunity and cleverly devised a plan to rob a bank. With the exhilaration of their success and new found money/greed they agreed to rob again. However, their second and third attempts failed. Desperate to succeed one more time before the authorities become suspicious of their involvement, they decide on one last big score. Information is revealed to them from an inside source, regarding old used currency, which is shipped occasionally via CP Railway to Ottawa to be destroyed. A plan is hatched to create a diversion for the police to be sent to a different location, so they can rob the CP Railway of this shipment. They are successful and meet at their designated location to divvy up the money. As they open the containers, they are pissed to discover that the million dollars of old money has already been destroyed. Tempers flare, accusations are made and the mood is hostile until one of the Four realizes he can fix the money. The agreement is made to “return to work as usual” to avoid any suspicion of their involvement. When one of the Four is arrested for passing the “repaired notes”, phone calls are made, fear sets in and rash decisions result in the murder of an entire family. The Fearless Four is a true Canadian crime story that retells an unbelievable event in our history and to this day, the murders have never been solved.  

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