"Lost Love"
This is a short clip from episode #1 - "A Hunter's Journey" created by Sylvia Clouter, directed by Byron McKim from the television series "Dancing with Spirit". This was shot on the ice in Iqaluit, Nunavut. (click  HERE for the link)
"The Creator"
This short clip is from Episode #1 titled "Manitowapan" created by Gaetan Gingras fron Montreal,  directed by Byron McKim. This Episode was shot in Montreal on the steps of city hall, the old Expo '67 site and many beautiful locations. (click HERE for the link)


This is a short scene from the complete film "Here on Earth" created by Santee Smith directed by Byron McKim. Four primal beings journey from the Sky to touch the Earth and take on a transformation. (click HERE for the link)

"Troubled Soul"
Is from the dance film titled "Triptych" Episode #6 from the televison series for Bravo! called "Dancing with Spirit". This clip is choreographed & created by Michael Greyeyes, directed by Byron McKim. (click
HERE for the link)

"Breaking Out"
Is from Episode #5 "Passage" an aboriginal dance film from the Bravo! television series "Dancing with Spirit". This episode was choreographed and created by Christine Friday and directed by Byron McKim. A story of how ones own spiritual force becomes one with nature. (click
HERE for the link)
"Forbidden Love"
Is a 5 min. clip from the dance film titled "Triptych" created and choreogrphed by Michael Greyeyes and directed by Byron McKim. This is the 6th episode from the Bravo! TV Series titled "Dancing with Spirit". This story of aboriginal Residential Schools was shot throughout Toronto. Winner of The Golden Sheaf Award and nominated for 2 Gemini Awards. (click
HERE for the link)

Featuring Brian Solomon from Santee's Smith dance troupe for Episode #5 of "Dancing with Spirit" series. A wonderful moments with all the dancers
(click HERE for the link)

Christine Friday-O'Leary is so graceful in her performance of a being sheding their skin to be reborn in Episode #3 from "Dancing with Spirit" series directed by Byron McKim
HERE for the link)

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